Denied entry to Sudan and Ethiopia, Machar gets red-carpet in Somalia

macharsomalia01Somali state owned satellite television has released footage showing rebel leader Riek Machar and his wife Rebecca Teny receiving a micro-red-carpet reception at the airport in Mogadishu after the duo and their bodyguards were reportedly denied entry into Sudan and Ethiopia.

According to the report, Machar – who is being officially received as a guest of the state of Somalia – is expected to discuss the current political situation in South Sudan and explore peaceful ways of resurrecting the dying peace agreement.

Machar is also expected to study the remarkable Somali model of governance that has seen the country rise from the world’s most fragile state to the second-most fragile state after South Sudan won the title three years ago and has continued to keep it.

The ex-FVP, whose whereabouts in the last few days was unknown, is also expected to continue an assorted range of treatments that he started in Khartoum after his health, ego, psyche and purpose-in-life took near-fatal blows while footing and trying to stay alive whilst being rained on by God and gunships on his biblical journey of 40 days and 40 nights from Juba South Sudan – where he was FVP – to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This move by Somalia to host Machar (when all other influential regional leaders appear to want to distance themselves from him) has left many internet politicians guessing why Somalia is trying to grab some headline news at the expense of South Sudan. Some see the intervention by Somalia – another country that equally needs help as badly as South Sudan – as going a from pillar to post.

On his part, the visibly worn-out beleaguered exFVP had but a few words to say about his new found home.
“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers”.

Source: Saakam


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