Defeating terrorism in Somalia should purchse Vehicle bomb

Defeating terrorism in Somalia Somalian government should purchase Vehicle bomb detectors  immediately.

Every vehicle entering any city  or village of  Somalia would go through large bomb detector.

As a result lot of lifes can be saved. If Somalia doesnot have money , then seek assistance from gcc Muslim countries or UN, or UK, or Germany or France immediately.

Who is supplying arms to terrorists of al shabab, because Somalia  shares its borders with Christian countries and on other sides there is ocean.

It may be possible that any western intelligence agency is funneling arms through Christian countries into Somalia  to Al shabab.

In my view , two large commercial ports can be developed on Somalian North eastern and south eastern region facing ocean. This can help transfer of goods from eastern countries to Somalia and finally by land route to concerned African countries.  These two ports would generate a lot of revenues for Somalia. Somalian gov should develop these two sea ports.

Al shabab is a dirty terrorist organization and it needs to be finished immediately. Do no more delays.

Md Rizwan Siddiqui, your brother in Islam and humanity.

take care. Allahhafiz.


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