Buulo-Mareer: Second French soldier dies after Somalia raid – rebels

Islamist militants in Somalia have said a second French soldier was killed during a failed hostage rescue attempt.

Al-Shabab published a photograph allegedly showing the commando, who they said had died of gunshot wounds.

The group also said it would soon reveal its decision about the fate of Dennis Allex, an intelligence agent who the soldiers tried to rescue on Friday.

Paris has said evidence suggests both both commandos and Mr Allex died during the operation near Mogadishu.

The raid in the town of Bulo Marer came hours after French troops had intervened in the west African state of Mali.

Paris says the two operations are not linked.

‘Unanimous verdict’

A statement published on Twitter purportedly by al-Shabab’s press office on Monday claimed that the second soldier to die had been the commander of the French rescue operation.

“The commander was deserted by his comrades after a fierce firefight and subsequently captured by the mujahideen,” it said.

Al-Shabab paramedics “transferred him to a hospital at the base, but he succumbed to his injuries hours later,” the statement added.

“The mujahideen recovered several weapons and the soldier’s gear from the scene of battle and later also managed to retrieve valuable information from the soldier before his death. The body of the soldier is still within the custody of the mujahideen.”

Later, the press office published a photograph allegedly showing the body of the “French commander”. The dead man, who was not dressed in military uniform, was shown lying next to weapons, flak jackets and various other pieces of equipment.

A caption asked France’s president: “Francois Hollande, was it worth it?”

The statement also said al-Shabab had ”

Source: BBC News


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