BREAKING NEWS Somaliland: 12 People injured in a violent breaking in Sayla’

At least 12 people were reportedly injured after Somaliland police clashed with angry protesters in northern Somali town of Sayla’.

Witness says security forces allegedly used live bullets to disperse the protesters, injuring 12 people.

Some of the injured protesters are said to be in critical and were taken to neighboring Djibouti for treatments.

Ahmed Osman one of witness in Sayla’ told Mindinimo News Agency  that Somaliland forces are to be blamed for the injuries of civilians as they have used excessive force against unarmed protesters.

Somaliland’s Salal Deputy Governor Ali Alale confirmed the incident saying that eight people sustained injuries after police clashed with protesters surrounding Sayla’s county council headquarters in effort to disperse them.

Meanwhile, the government of Djibouti close the border, after

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,



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