AMISOM to investigate the killings of civillians by the Kenyan army in janaa Abdalla

AMISOM spokesman Ali Adan Hamud said that they will investigate the murder and genocide by the Kenyan Defence force inside Soomaaliya yesterday after they cought atleast 7 rural residents and fired at them to death at Jana Abdalla.

Col. Ali added that the mission of AMISOM is not to kill innocent people in the society and if that happens they will be responsible for the inhuman actions.

Talking to the BBC, the AMISOM spokesman Ali Adan Hamud tod they will take action if the incident is proofed to be true.

” Whatever comes out of that allegation, AMISOM will take responsibility and if it becomes true and the army fighting in juba regions have killed civillians we will take action”, said Ali.

It was not long before the Kenyan Defence forces were accused of killing many civillians with there air strikes while they were fighting with the Al-shabab militia in Juba regions.

However collecting several people into one place and killing them all without any reason is the first of its type.

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