AMISOM calls on UN to send promised helicopters to Somalia


The African Union Mission in Somalia says its operation is being hindered in the country due to the United Nations slow efforts. Also known as AMISOM, the mission says the U-N approved to equip the peacekeepers with helicopters but they have never been delivered.

Over 17,000 AMISOM forces were present in Somalia in early 2014. These were contributed by Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Djibouti and Burundi.

The number now exceeds 21,000 after Ethiopia sent force to Somalia. AMISOM says the Al Shabaab fighters have fled to towns and the capital Mogadishu and the peacekeepers are doing joint security patrols with Somali security forces.

The focus now is to prevent anything that jeopardizes Somali’s general elections to be held in 2016. As Somalia recovers from 20 years of insecurity, the African Union says that the number of African peacekeepers in the country is enough for now.

Source: Press TV


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