Agaasimihii Tv-ga Somali Channel Muqdisho oo la dhaawacay

Warar goor dhaw kusoo dhacay Warqabadka ayaa waxay sheegayaan in la dhaawacay Wariye C/risaaq Jaamaca Black waxaana soo baxaya warar is khilaafsan oo kusaabsan weerarka lagu dhaawacay Wariyahaasi.

Kooxo hubeysan ayaa la sheegay inay rasaas ku fureen wariyaha xilli uu watay gaarigiisa oo gaari kale lagu hor gooyey sidaana rasaas lagu furay.


Wariye C/risaaq Black waxa uu ahaa Agaasimaha Tv-ga Somali Channel qeybta magaalada Muqdisho waxaana la sheegayaa in tiro xabado ah ay caloosha kaga dhaceen iminkana dhaawaciisa lagu daweynayo Cusbitaalka Madiina.

Wixii faah faahino ah dib kala socda insha allah


  1. That is what the US- is doing in Somalia killing the Jornalist,Business men and those who serve their people. Proxy War against Somali People…by exploiting their technology and organise Crime in Somali.

    Somali people needs to WAKE UP AND STOP Using all US-made technologies and their Social networks, Including those below..
    The Quicker the Best…you have an account for Google,twitter and Facebook. you need to delete as soon as possible.

    This is what Google owner has said to NSA- spying Agency :-

    “Google chairman Eric Schmidt has warned that National Security Agency spying is going to ‘break the Internet’ and cause countries to start their own networks to avoid foreign surveillance”.

    Representatives from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other major tech firms say their industry stands to lose a fortune as international customers flee American technology companies over concerns that their data is being siphoned off carte blanche and analysed by American intelligence officials.

    The publication of those practices have caused many foreign customers to flee American tech services like Google and Facebook.


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