A false claim on Biimaal’s Traditional Leadership Institution

To Whom It May Concern , Monday the 7th May 2012

Biimaal’s Traditional Leadership is an authority very clear, well structured and well known and it existed throughout the history of Somalia .  The current  Suldan of Biimaal is  Suldaan Ahmed Suldaan Mohamed Ali  whom comes from the Daadow subclan of Biimaal. The Suldaan is the most hierarchy in the traditions and he resides in Marca, Lower Shabeelle . The second tier in the traditional institution is the Biimaal’s Ugaas who comes from the Sacad Subclan of Biimaal and this is traditionaly accepted by every member of Biimaal. The current Ugaas is Ugas Ahmed Ugas Siid Ali.

The Ugas works with  the Suldan and there is a continuous consultation (shuura), coordination and harmony in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. These two positions are appointed by the two incumbents through their paternal lineage (to their eldest sons). This is how the traditional authority of the Biimaal works and the Biimaal clan members know it to the details.

In the light of the above, the TFG’s invitation should go for the Suldaan and the Ugaas of the Biimaal or to any person whom they clearly transfer their authorities and delegate their power to. But what happened was by passing the traditional authority and faking their consent. This crime was done by Ahmed Bile who is the Minister for Justice in the TFG government and who is working to appease the present government. The aim is specifically working out a task of pre-determination of the future results for the president to come. The Suldaan did not delegate any authority or any representative for the duty of nominating members of the new parliament. Worse than that, the Suldaan was not invited to the Conference of Nominating the new Members of the Parliament and ratifying the New Constitution.

The present TFG parliament members of the Biimaal was signed by the incumbent Suldaan and the Ugaas when the Mpagathi process was happening, and the parliament members of “Artah(Jabuti) Government” was nominated by their fathers for the Biimaal. (Please refer to the attached documents of the previous signatories).

Ahmed Bile was never an Ugaas nor his father was an Ugaas and he does not have that legitimacy and the power of the traditional authority. Ahmed Bile’s uncle was an Ugaas for Reer Dhaaweed who inhabit Jarrati in the Somali State of Ethiopia . He is not practically a citizen of Somalia nor does he carry traditional authority known to Biimaal or the South Dir of Somalia . He has no authority to appoint persons on his behalf as the Traditional Leaders of the Biimaal.

However, in order to reach a short-term gain, an invitation was sent out to “fake traditional authority holders” who will be part of the plan of securing candidacy for the new president. There are specific hidden agendas by the present TFG government in their campaign to nominate members of parliament who will later benefit specific agenda in the elections for the president who will be elected. It is corruption in cooking, pre-determination of results and the highest corruption order. The team making this mess and the baseless claim is headed by Mr. Ahmed Bile. The fake “traditional authority holders” consist the following men:

Ibrahim Ali Haji, now called Suldan Ibrahim Suldan Ali is completely false and his claim is a criminal act of forgery. The real Suldan of Biimaal did not transfer his authority or delegate anyone for this purpose according to the Suldaan, nor did he write any letter transferring his power. Therefore, Suldan Ibrahim and his legitimacy is fake and baseless and it is not recognized by Biimaal clan. Mr. Ibrahim was Deputy District Commissioner of Marca for sometime and now he is campaigning to become the Deputy Governor of Lower Shabeelle . He has never become clan leader nor did his father, leave alone being a “Suldan”.

Adan Diriye who is now called Ugas Adan Diriye is again fake. Ugas Adan Diriye is wielding a fake authority from a fake “Ugas Ahmed Bile” whom he got his power from and who delegated him.  The current Ugas of Gaadsan is Ugas Farah Abdi Sheikh who was a signatory of Mpagathi Conference and he lives in Mogadishu . The Ugas was not even consulted for this purpose.

Omar Abshirow named as Ismin’s (Subclan of Biimaal), Clan leader is not true. There is no one Ismin Clan Leader. Each sub-branch of the Ismiin has its own Leader or Nabad-doon(In Mogadishu). Ismiin clan is subdivided and each sub-division has its own chief and there was never one chief for Ismiin.

Therefore we urge the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia to be aware of this corruption and stop this cartel executing and exercising power and traditional authority that they do not wield. We also urge the culprits to refrain from this criminal activity and advise them to consult with the authentic traditional authority holders in order to implement a genuine process. Furthermore, we also inform the UN and its offices related to this matter and the international community to investigate and stop this group from carrying out this crime. Furthermore, any outcome from this process will not be recognized by the Biimaal as a clan who occupies from Km 40 to where the Juba River meets the Indian Ocean and some other pockets of Southern Somalia .

Concerned Biimaal Group

Working for Justice, fairness, democracy and transparency

cc:   UN political office for Somalia

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  1. Waa sax qoraalka aad soo badhigten ee raad raaca leh lakiin kuwa bililiqa doonka ah ama boobka iyo burburinta u taagan ma ahan mid ay ku qancaayaan ee midnimo horey u wada howshiina aad u soo bandhigeysan bulshada soomaaliyed, kuwa qaska wadana mar uun baa la hokeeni doonaa sharciga inshaa’allah

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