Somalia: Jawari calls for unity among MPs, says accepts President’s move to cancel session

Lower House speaker Mohamed Jawari has pleaded for unity and harmony among MPs noting he had accepted the decision of the president to cancel today’s sitting to pave way for a resolution of the ongoing political crisis in the country.

Addressing journalists this morning following a meeting with President Mohamed Farmaajo last night, Jawari struck a reconciliatory tone noting ‘we have to work for the stability and interest of the nation’.

“I have accepted the President’s proposals and we will issue a roadmap on the implementation of the issues raised later,” Jawari told reporters. “Let us talk to agree.”

The speaker also emphasized the need for unity and harmony among lawmakers.

Jawari’s change of tone follows weeks of press statements and media conferences from himself and his deputies Ibrahim Mudey and Mahad Awad in a show of grandstanding as the motion debate escalated.

President Farmaajo met the Federal Parliament last night a day before an expected stand off after both Jawari and Mudey said they would convene the House Saturday with separate agenda.



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