Somalia: Maritime Police Unit take part in live fire exercise

Somali Maritime Police Unit (SMU) this week participated in live fire training exercise aimed at improving their operation capability.

The exercise which was conducted by the European Union Training Mission Somalia (EUTM-S) with the participation of Amisom personnel was the first devoted to the management and maritime control of territorial waters.

“The activity, which will be repeated in the next future for another SMU personnel group, was carried out after a previous training technique and aiming lessons executed by EUTM-S instructors who taught the trainees in rifle handling and shooting range procedures,” EUTM-S said in a statement.

This exercise represents another step toward a more secure and stable Somalia, EUTM-S noted adding the training demonstrated the importance of a comprehensive approach to building the country’s security sector through involvement of various actors.

“In this light, once again the European Union has shown the advantages of its comprehensive approach to Somalia and in the Horn of Africa, and its ability to involve at the same time different actors of the International community, as AMISOM today, committed to improve the Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Somalia.”


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