Somalia: Al Shabaab threatens Kenya to build the wall in Beled xaawo

Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamoud Rage (Sheikh Ali Dheere) interviewed 11 minutes with radio Andalus, addressing the tension in Belet Xaawo, Gedo region.

He said “Its not the first time Kenya had captured Somali territories and pointed out that Kenya had flown to parts of the Somali territories, saying that this act was a tragedy”

Jubbaland administration accused that they are accepted  Kenyan government violating and capture Somali territories, but said it would not be possible for Kenya to have a Somali territory.

Sheikh Ali Dheere praised the people of Somalia especially in Beled Hawo’s way of contending Kenya’s violations in Somalia, some residents said their homes were destroyed.

The spokesman of al-Shabab said they are ready to take part in Beled Hawo’s campaign to defend it, adding that the issue will not be tolerated and will respond.

“The Kenyan government is not the first time a to try capturing Muslims territories  and try to colonialist , has come to many parts of Somalia, we see violence and invasion, and never accept Kenya’s violations the Somali , the Mujahideen are ready to be the wing of the people of Belet Xaawo, “said Sheikh Ali Dhere.

Somali President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo yesterday canceled the construction of the Kenya-Somalia border along the border between Mandera and Belet Hawo towns, after discussing the telephone line with him and Uhuru Kenyatta.

Baled Hawo District residents today held a strong campaign to counter the Kenyan government’s plans to close down the two border towns of Mandera and Baled Hawo.

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