Somalia & Kenya will discuss Crises in Belet-Xaawo

Governments of Somalia and Kenyan are Planing discussing the crisis in Belet Weyne on the border between the two countries, in order to end the current conflict and demonstrations in the town of Beletxaawo.

Somalia Member of Parliament  said that the government will continue to work with the Somali society to bring peace and stability to the country.

He also said told the media that the prime minister has ordered the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs of Kenya to discuss this, and has started the dialogue.

MP  Sadik Warfaa said that committee of the two sides will work on real submitted to the end the building on the wall in the border between the two countreis.

“The Minister of Interior and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have meet the Prime Minister to talk about their tensions in Beletxaawo, really it’s not what we can axcept, and it is important for this to be done more,” said Mr Warfaa.

The House of Representatives passed a day earlier in Mogadishu urged  calls for the Somali government ministers, such as Interior, Security, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs.

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