Somalia: New security forces deployed in parliament

Political differences between Lower House Speaker Mohamed Jawari and Prime Minister Hassan Khaire hit a crescendo Friday evening as new security forces took charge of parliament buildings in a move Jawari described a government take-over of parliament buildings.

Addressing a presser this evening, Jawari said the motion against him must be held outside parliament since the facility has been taken over by the government. “The debate on the motion against me must be held in a different place since the government has taken control of the parliament buildings,” Jawari said few hours after a security overhaul was seen in parliament.

I am ready for the motion but it currently falls short of the 92 quorum threshold, Jawari said asking proponents of the motion to get the numbers and table it.

The Speaker who was re-elected last year to serve a second term in the same seat directed blame at Khaire noting, ‘He will be responsible for whatever happens.

The motion failed to secure a slot in the order paper Thursday after 16 MPs pulled out leaving 91 in the list. Majority of government ministers had signed the motion in what clearly was seen as an endorsement from the executive.

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