Somalia: IC calls for truce over political row, warns a threat to stability of the country

The International community has warned the dispute between the Prime Minister Hassan Khaire and House Speaker Mohamed Jawari is a threat to the country’s stability calling for dialogue to de-escalate the rivalry between the two.

The UN, EU, regional body IGAD among other countries said in a joint statement Friday it was extremely concerned by the security and political developments in Mogadishu warning it could ‘derail hard-earned political, economic, and security achievements and tarnishing the reputation of Somalia.’

“The international community urges leaders in Parliament and the Executive to engage in respectful discussions in the coming days and to use constitutional and peaceful means to resolve political differences.”

Coming few hours after a different forces team took over security of Lower House building, the joint statement called for ‘respect for rule of law and the Provisional Federal Constitution in resolving political differences.

Speaker Jawari Friday evening directed blame at Prime Minister Khaire accusing him of deploying new forces at parliament, adding “He (PM) will be responsible for whatever happens.

Wadajir party leader and former presidential candidate Abdirahman Warsame said officers from the intelligence agency, NISA barred him from participating in a public forum at a city hotel Friday noting the officers did not give any reasons.

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