Somalia Thanks Uganda Troops Support for 10 years

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed thanked the Ugandan government for its support to his country through troops during the last 10 years in the war against the terrorist group Al Shabab, a Somali press reported today.

The head of the Mogadishu government highlighted here at a subregional summit that this contribution by the Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni since 2007, and his commitment to achieve peace in Somalia ‘are some of the decisions that the people of Somalia will owe to Kampala for a long time’.

‘I believe that the African Union Mission in Mogadishu (Amisom) is succeeding, but we have a long way to go. We need to collaborate and continue funding that force to defeat Al Shabab, ‘Abdullahi underlined.

President Museveni, for his part, asked the UN Security Council to take care to repeat previous mistakes in Somalia so that the country can achieve a lasting peace. ‘If we do things right, it is likely that that country will soon be much better. Let’s avoid new mistakes, ‘he said.

The meeting, convened by Uganda, ratified Resolution 2372 (2017) of the Security Council on the gradual reduction of Amisom troops by 2020.

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