Somalia: Banadir business community raises their concerns over huge city port tax

Somali business community in Banadir region voiced their concerns over what they perceive to be huge import tax imposed upon them in Mogadishu Port facility by the federal finance ministry.

The business body produced a 5 article statement on the negative effects the enormous tax is having on their business operations.

Initially they stated the enormous duty led to experiencing loss in their sales on goods imported through the port.

“The port of Mogadishu has expensive taxation system than other ports in Somalia which results the Mogadishu business people to undergo losses since they cannot compete with goods from other ports with less tax” read the statement.

They also forwarded a reminder to the top leaders of the country and the Banadir business community that the latter are “the most tax payers in the country hence their responsibility to take part in the reconstruction of the country especially the infrastructure and giving humanitarian assistance to the less fortunate people affected by the drought.”

They requested the federal finance ministry to make a review on the extreme taxation imposed upon Banadir traders

The business community appealed to the federal finance ministry “to apply uniform taxation on the entire Somali business people and refrain from exerting specific intense duty pressure on them.”

In their conclusion remarks, the statement expressed their request directed at the Somali Executive to come into their rescue by interfering in the matter that is burdening the Banadir merchants.

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