Somalia “Puntland state must shoulder the loss from a commercial boat” said a federal MP

Mogadishu (Midnimo)-Puntland state has been ordered to incur a loss arising from a commercial boat that got grounded in shallow waters in Bosaso Port 2 days ago.

Speaking to the media today in Mogadishu, Federal MP Omar Ismail expressed his dismay over how the federal member state treated the matter stressing on the responsibility the state possesses safeguarding the wealth of its local residents.

“The goods on the boat are very huge. Since the sinking boat developed problems, the onus will be shouldered by everyone that pertains to the issue starting with state port ministry. They were supposed to quickly anchor the boat on the offloading zone of the port facility to rescue the goods on board” said MP Ismail.

MP Ismail expressed his disappointment noting that it was better for the port ministry officials to resign from their jobs immediately than defending themselves against the matter.

The ill-fated boat carrying huge load of commodities were rented by local Somali business people and sailed from Yemen towards Somalia when it ran grounded on shallow waters near Bosaso Port on the Gulf of Aden.

Early 2016 Divers Marine Contracting L.L.C, United Arab Emirate based company won multimillion Dollars contract intended to upgrade the capacity of the Bossaso port as part of Puntland Government’s endeavours to improve economic infrastructures of the region.

Boosaaso See Port

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