Federal and HirShabelle state justice ministries to sign judicial agreement

A delegate led by the federal justice minister Advocate Hassan Hussein Haji today reached Jowhar, Hirshabelle State to sign an agreement on judicial system with his state counterpart.

Speaking to the media on the purpose of their visit, permanent secretary in the federal justice ministry Dr. Ismail Jimale noted the long road taken to attain a countrywide justice system.

“We came here to sign on a continuous agenda from 2016 on the general importance of the kind of judicial system we shall apply as Somali people for the near and far future. It’s a legal document that will require further amendments. We accepted to use a federal system unlike our past centralized one. We need to devolve justice to the grassroots” said Dr. Jimale

The delegate was received by the state ministers including justice, interior and governor of Middle Shabelle among other local senior officials.

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