We are committed to sustainable solutions to drought in Somalia-UK Minister

United Kingdom International Development State Office is aiming to boost humanitarian assistance and economic empowerment of the Somali people through an aid fund of millions of dollars in this year alone.

Speaking exclusively to Goobjoog News, UK Secretary for International Development Penelope Mary Mordaunt who is currently in Somalia said her government was committed to alleviating effects of drought and developing long term solutions against hunger and drought in Somalia.

“Our main concern is a humanitarian relief. We are pledging some additional money to the humanitarian efforts of ₤21 million straight away and a further ₤40 million to follow in the ensuing months,” Mordaunt said.

Mordaunt was speaking after attending a meeting yesterday in Mogadishu where she met with other humanitarian organizations and the civil society highlighting the special attention UK Aid will give to women, children and the disabled persons.

“We are very pleased to meet with representatives from across the civil society: women, youth movements including Somalia national youth and the disabled community which is a particular priority of ours,” said Mordaunt. “I am interested in what services and analysis of needs for disabled people because they are part of the solution to developing an economy.”

The secretary highlighted the importance of sharing experiences between stakeholders in Somalia and the UK to come up with sustainable solutions to drought.

“Prior to coming out here, I launched a new policy in the UK which is putting women and children at the heart of humanitarian efforts. It is important they are represented in the way we form those plans” she added.

She also expressed confidence in the work of humanitarian agencies in Thebes country emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in the use of donor funds especially with the increasing humanitarian challenges in the world.

“I am really pleased to learn how all the agencies are working in a more coherent way and in trying to preempt problems before they arise. That has been every effective and that’s really important because it’s a challenge to make sure that the international community is still raising money to help Somalia but we have big challenges around the world so being able to demonstrate their money is spent really well. It’s getting to the people the support is really very important for people to keep investing in such efforts” Mordaunt added.

Mordaunt also noted her delight on the “great triumph in preventing famine in 2017 under enormous challenges and basing future humanitarian endevours on these successful evaluated outcomes in conjunction with other partners on the ground.”

She mentioned that a global summit will take place in the summer hoping to have representatives from Somalia.


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