Government forces and Alshabab fighters Engage in Gun Battle in the Middle Shabelle

Gun battle between government soldiers and Alshabab fighters took place last night in Gololay location, 53km south of Jowhar, capital of Middle Shabele, HirShabelle state.

The fighting started when Alshabab fighters attacked government soldiers’ position in the small location which took almost 6 hours starting from midnight till daybreak.

Casualties are not yet known and no details have been released by the two different parties involved in the fierce battle.

Alshabab has been initiating attacks on government soldiers in many regions including Lower Shabelle and other areas.

Four days ago, US Africa Command (Africom) said it carried out a drone attack in Somalia on a location 50km from Mogadishu killing 2 Alshabab fighters who boarded a vehicle allegedly laden with improvised explosive device heading towards Mogadishu.


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