Somali Top Leaders Depict an Image of Ineptitude to Manage the Leadership and Politics of the Country

One of the MPs who have been accused of committing treason by the federal attorney general has applauded the outcome of yesterday by the council leadership of the Lower House adding that one sometime one feels the top leadership of the country is unable to run the system in a professional way.

MP Hassan Maalin Mohamud has termed the outcome as one that abides by the legal norms which took time to reach an impeccable decision reflecting the baseless accusation taken by the office of the attorney general but also mentioned the ineptitude of the top leaders to execute their duties well.

“The decision taken yesterday by the house council leadership has really been one with a legal system touch and the way they have undertaken since the day it was brought up to now, was carefully looking for ways to determine it. One will feel sometimes that it is difficult for the country top leaders to manage the leadership and politics of the country” said MP Mohmaud

He took an example of the attack carried on former presidential contender Abdishaur in mid December 2017 and the latest attack on the house of Senator Abdi Qaybid 3 days ago as a clear indication of darkness  and anxiety that befallen the country.

“In fact, the country is besieged by the event of the night of 17th December 2017. It was only 3 days ago when the house of a senator was attacked and we don’t the where the country is heading. Darkness and apprehension has taken over”.

On the decision taken by the office of the attorney general to request to remove impunity from him to face justice was “based on the allegations that they have a token to show something. Generally it was absolutely a political agenda which has no base. In fact political allegations used to be disguised unlike this naked one.”

He commended the Lower House by lighting up the right path from arbitrary arrests and silencing political opponents through the gun.

“We think this decision now by the parliamentary council committee has put forward the right path to the legitimacy and matters are to be discussed in political arenas and nothing like arrest and bullets will exist anymore. Political ways will be pursued. We are politicians and we are in charge of the country’s politics and represent it. The parliament succeeded in taking us to the political system we adopted” MP Mohamud added.

MP Hassan Maalin Mohamud
MP Hassan Maalin Mohamud

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