Somalia appeals for increased security sector financing


Mogadishu (Midnimo)-President Mohamed Farmaajo has appealed for increased international donor support to strengthen the capacity of the country’s security forces in preparation for take-over from African Union forces and secure the gains made so far.

President Farmaajo said Somalia had made significant progress in implementing the Security Pact agreed to during the London Conference in May but noted the economic capacity of the Horn of Africa country could not enable it effectively support the security reform process.

“The current security requirement far exceeds our economic means and we urgently request the international community to increase its diverse and generous support if we are to protect the gains we have made thus far,” the President said.

Noting that his government had put in efforts to bolster domestic revenue generation which could soon be sufficient to run the government, the president said financing the security sector presented a major challenge which required international support.

“Financing the security sector presents a significant challenge for which we have to find sustainable solution with the commitment and support of our international partners,” Farmaajo said, adding, “We must address the critical security gaps before transitioning security operations and full responsibility to well trained, equipped and supported Somali security forces.”

Addressing the Security Conference which opened today in Mogadishu as follow-up to the May London Conference, President Farmaajo noted his government had instituted a series of reforms in accordance with the provisions of the National Architecture endorsed during the May conference.

In particular the president cited restructuring of the Somali National Army to ensure a more effective and professionally run force.

“We agreed the role of Commander of the Defence Forces (CDF) to re-organise and reintegrate Somalia National Army and appoint the best and the brightest sector commanders,” the president said noting the federal and member state leaders had agreed to immediate restructuring of the military sectors in conformity with the National Security Architecture (NSA).

The SNA is composed of eight sectors (12th, 21st, 43rd, 49th, 48th, 54th, 26th and 60th) which according to the NSA is to be redrawn to align with Federal Member State boundaries to reflect the political developments in the country/federal system. The government set a three months’ timeline starting June 1, 2017 for the redrawing of the sectors.

President Farmaajo also told the conference his government had also put in place fiscal policies within the military to ensure the soldiers are paid in a systematic way.

“We have completed the operational readiness assessment for the police and national army and we have begun the process of biometrically registering our soldiers for direct payment in a bank account.”

On the war against extremist, the president said his government was determined to win the war against terrorism

“We as a government are absolutely determined to win the war against Al-Shabaab and ISIS with the strong commitment and support of our valued international partners. I am confident that together we will disrupt, dismantle and defeat the terrorists. We will return full control of all Somali territories to the legitimate state and its people.


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