Somalia : Somali Government imposed a new 7 orders to the business men

Somalia Security authorities announced 7 new order which concern the Somali Business in Mogadishu and other area in the country those give a money to Al-shabaab.

A press conference held together  by the Security minister of Somalia , Chief of National Intelligence Security agency and General Chief of Somalia Police announced these new orders toward business men.

Below are the seven new order toward the business men:-

       1.We will not accept that militants call for funds and to support Alshabaab for Sakawaad.

  1. Anyone who gives money to the group the government will be taken an anction and not to accept excuses make strong they took it away, or being threatened.
  2. Traders or business men are warning to not support Alshabaab for cash.

     4.Any one who recognize Alshabaab as an administration will face a

  1. Telecom group does not make it easier for the various services to Alshabaab.

     6.From Tonight “Saturday” the business areas to manage the group’s cash Tooro toorow will take .

  1. Any one who refuse these decisions will face a court.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud
[email protected]

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