Somalia :Internet returned to the southern and central Somalia

After 23 days the uses of internet in southern and central Somalia come back, when a ship cut off the wire of Viper optic in the ocean caused with out intenet.

In the absence of internet caused the stand of the jobs of banks, and this has led to shorts in the works.

Somalia Telecommunication and Post ministry Leaders spent a lot of effort to make the Internet line and finally this  Monday succeeded to get back the internet.

Some people in Somalia effected their jobs like, money transfer services, radio station and Somali TV based in Mogadishu and NGO.

People in southern Somalia thanks to the recovery of high-speed Internet after  23-day absence from South and Central Somalia.

Internet is one of the people around the world communicate directly, as the different tools used in modern as Facebook, Viber, IMO and other social lines to communicate.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud

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