At least one dead in attack on Kenyan town near Somalia border

NAIROBI, June 1 (Reuters) – Al Shabaab militants killed at least one person and destroyed a telecom mast in an attack on the town of Fafi in north-eastern Kenya, Kenyan officials and the militants said on Thursday.

The attack was the latest in a series of deadly raids by the group that has killed more than a dozen Kenyan police officers in recent weeks.

A local official, Yasin Shabel, said at least one person, a teacher, was abducted on Wednesday night and later killed by the heavily armed attackers.

“The abducted teacher was killed some distance away from Fafi. His body has been recovered,” Shabel told Reuters.

Al Shabaab, through its spokesman for military operations Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, said it had killed two policemen in the Wednesday night attack and had carried out another attack on a convoy of security vehicles headed to Fafi on Thursday morning. He said they captured two police vehicles.

The police were not immediately available for comment.

Al Shabaab says it is fighting because Kenya sent troops into Somalia in 2011, after a string of attacks and kidnappings on Kenyan soil.

The Kenyan soldiers are in Somalia as part of a 22,000-strong peacekeeping force intended to shore up the weak U.N.-backed government.

(Reporting by Noor Ali and Feisal Omar; Writing by Duncan Miriri; Editing by Andrew Bolton)



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