Dhagayso meydka Gabar 1 sano jir ah oo Boosaaso laga helay

BoosaasoDadweynaha magaalada Boosaaso ayaa ka argagaxay dil fool xun oo loo geystay Gabar hal sano jir ah oo maalinkii jimcihii la sheegay in laga afduubay Gurigooda oo ku yaala isla Boosaaso, waxaana meydkeeda laga helay Guri aanan sida badan la daganeen.

Booliska Boosaaso ayaa sheegay in arintaan ay baarayaan.

Ruqiya Muuse Cabdi Kariim ayaa lagu magacaabaa Gabadha halsano jirka ah ee meydkeeda shalay subax laga helay Guri ku yaala Xaafada Ridwaan ee Bariga Boosaaso.

Gabadhaan ayaa la sheegay ineey ka maqnaayeen xubnaheeda uur kujirta.

Qoyska dhalay Gabadhaan oo kamid ah dadka kasoo barakacay Koofurta Soomaaliya ee ku dhaqan magaalada Boosaaso islamarkaasina deganaa Guri ka sameysan Cooshado ayaa u waramay VOA-da.

Halkaan ka dhagayso:


  1. Alleria and Turalyon’s story would continue in WoW at some point), and the rteilsung conflict with Sylvanas. However you want to resolve that (talk about a storyline ripe with possibilities), the now-ruling Sin’Dorei uneasily agree to allow the Quel’Dorei to return to their homeland to begin the process of reunification, and Quel’Thalas from there on in becomes more or less the Switzerland of Azeroth though of course, individual elves can continue to fight for whichever side they think would be in Quel’Thalas’ best interests. I think this would be an epic way to go about it as opposed to simply saying Okay Alliance, you now have Helves, they start in the human starting area , and making them another orphan race, and as Blizzard has now shown that it’s possible to have a neutral race from standpoints technical, gameplay, and lore, it certainly seems as if they could take it this way if they so desired. If you rly wanted to get crazy yeah, why not? How about this: you can roll either Helf or Belf, but don’t have to make your decision til the end of the starting area, just like the Pandas. Finally, since this’d be taking a capital city away from the Horde, and they’d want a new race of their own, give em the Naga. The Naga are my favorite NPC race after the Helves, and I’d love to play one. Plus, underwater capital! Another WoW first! :DAs for my current Survival Hunter Barbie-looking Belf main, what would I do with her? I don’t think I’d race-change her, but man, I’d run to the counter to faction-change her, despite what it would mean as far as my in-game relationships and so forth. That’s how much I simply want Helves in the game, so I can play one but not have to be in the Horde. But I have a feeling her twin sister, who never imbibed in the fel magix of the Burning Legion and thus stayed loyal to her kind and the Alliance of Lordaeron, would suddenly feel the need to take up the bow in defense of her nation, her people, and the Alliance. =) Oh lord, how glorious would WoW be then? Well, I’d personally be in heaven anyway. Enjoy. 😀

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