Somalia:UN and Arab League Discussed To fight Agains Al Shabab

Nabil El Araby and Ban Ki Moon
Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary-General right and Nabil el-Araby, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States discussed to increases fight Agains Al Shabab after they met in Sharm El-Sheikh Of Egypt.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Nabil El-Araby Secretary General of the League of Arab States pledged today continued cooperation between the two organizations and discussed how to combat against counter-terrorism in Arab Nations including Somalia.

The two leaders met in Arab League Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh of Egypt.

Ban Ki-moon of United Nations Secretary-General and Secretary General of the League of Arab countries Mr Nabil El-Araby General reviewed the continued cooperation between the United Nations and League of Arab States and exchanged views on increase international efforts to war against Al Shabab in Somalia and all east Africa nations.

Also The two leaders Ban Ki-moon and Mr Nabil El-Araby have held talks with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somali President they the Secretaries-General expressed condolences to the President over the victims of the most recent terrorist attack of Hotel Maka Al Mukarama in Mogadishu.

The two Secretaries-General welcomed the President’s leadership in the ongoing State formation process, including the establishment of the National Leadership Forum. He also emphasized the importance of inclusivity, especially of women, youth, minorities and other weak communities, in Somalia’s State-building approach.

They discussed Somali stakeholder’s commitment to meet key Vision 2016 timelines to complete Somalia’s federal state formation process and to review the provisional constitution.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Nabil El-Araby Secretary General of the League of Arab States and Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud also discussed the alarming humanitarian situation and human rights concerns in the country, as well as developments in the region.


Contributed by Ahmed Mooge in Mogadishu-Somalia.

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