Somalia : Hirshabelle announced the reconzilation of clan fought

The deputy  president  of HirShabeele Ali Gudlaawe Hussein announced a peaceful  set will open in Jowhar, the capital of HirShabeelle State.

These cradle of peace will held  HirShabeelle administration and will be the resolution of clan fighting which happened a month before in Cadale area in Middle Shabelle region.

Clan fighting has caused death ,injury and the destruction of houses and farms , and deputy-president, said the conflict will try to complete.

Ali Hussein, vice  president of Hirshabeelle, said local people fought many times, but the solution will be result.

Elders representing communities in that areas  will go to the Jowhar town and will participate that conference, Guudlaawe said.

On Sunday day  is scheduled to announce the opening of the conference.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud

                                      Ali Hussein Guudlawe , vice  president of Hirshabeelle,


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