Somalia : AMISOM accepted an offer from Mogadishu city Mayor

Thabit Abdi Mohamed Banadir Governor and Mogadishu mayor announced Yesterday that AMISOM troops will leave an important areas in the capital.

Attending a conference between AMISOM officials and Somali government members in Halane the head quarter of AMISOM, said that they requested to leave AMISOM from the important places in the Capital Mogadishu.

Mr Taabit’s speech of yesterday was about the Stadium Mogadishu and Jaale Siad College, and those places are now AMISOM base.

In the beginning of his  speech, thanked the AMISOM and AU  leading role in promoting peace in Somalia particularly the capital of Mogadishu.

“Somali People they haye to you Many  thanks full for your rescue operation, especially for people living in the region Benadir, you came us a hard time we need help from outside forces we will never forget you” said Mr Taabit.

“I want to talk about your bases, there are important places those are the stadium and the Jaale Siad, I ask to move there area of ​​a compass and Stadium and bring back uas” added his Speech.

AU answered the  proposal of Mogadishu mayor and accepted  to move from the centers as possible.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud

Right Mogadishu Mayor, left Somalia Prime Minister Kheyre


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