Somalia :South West welcomes the removing list of terrorists for Abu Mansoor

The South West Administration spoke its first time on the former spokesman for Al-shabaab Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansoor, after United States announced that they lift Ban of individuals look for.

The US Department of Foreign Affairs announced a few hours before they list released terrorist by Farmer Al-shabaab spokesman Abu Mansoor.

Ugas Abdi Mohamed, Minister of Information, Southwest said they welcomed the decision of the United States to Abu Mansoor.

The minister, speaking to VOA Somalia said they are happy with the lift ban from the official rank higher in Alshabaab.

Mukhtar Abu Mansur has held many positions within the group, including positions held by deputy leader of al-Shabaab and Spokesperson of al-Shabab.

United States has put Sheikh Mukhtar on his head for five million dollars, in 2012, when terrorists announces that it has joined Al-Qaeda.

By Mohamed Isse Mohamud

Mukhtar Robow


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