Gudoomiyaha Jaaliyada Soomaaliyeed ee Talyaaniga Dr. OSMAN Mohamed Gaal oo birito ku dhawaaqayo musharaxnimada xilka madaxweynaha


Waxaa maalinta Jimcaha ah 23-ka June lagu wadaa in magaalada Florence ee dalka Talyaaniga uu kaga dhawaaqo musharaxnimadiisa xilka madaxtinimada Soomaaliya gudoomiyaha jaaliyada Soomaaliyeed ee dalka Talyaaniga Dr. Osman Maxamed Gacal.

Mr. Gacal oo ah aqoonyahan Soomaaliyeed oo wax weyn ka qabtay dhibaatooyinka jaaliyada Soomaaliyeed ee Talyaaniga isla markaana kusoo waxbartay dalalka Somalia iyo Talyaaniga ayaa ku casuumay dhamaan dadka Soomaaliyeed in ay kasoo qeybgalaan munaasabadaasi oo ka dhici doonta halka loo yaqaano  Viale Don Minzoni 25 ee magaalada Florence.

Dr. Gacal oo ah diktoor xaga Injineeriyada dhisma ah ayaa ku dhashay magaalada Kismaayo sanadki 1954, waana nin xilal kasoo qabtay Wasaarada Warshadaha ee dowladi dhexe ee Soomaaliya.

Halkaan ka aqriso CV-ga iyo taariikhdiisi waxbarasho iyo waxqabad ee Dr. Isman Maxamed Gacal.


Name             :    OSMAN MOHAMED GAAL -“John”

Place / Date of birth    :    Kismayo, Somalia, 1954

Nationality        :    Somali

Profession        :    Architect / Town Planner

Contacts        :    0039-3920394975

Personal / Political Vision:    A peaceful, productive Somalia proud of its national values and heritage.

Key Qualifications:

·    Extensive experience in public administration, in directing and interacting with former Somali and foreign public management structures, local and international private and public partners.

·    A wide knowledge of manufacturing processes / basic industry services with Somali National Packing Industry (INCAS). Former Administrative Director and Commercial Director of INCAS Somalia.

·    As former civil servant, well-experienced with policy development, conflict-resolution and reconciliation dynamics in Somalia as well as familiarity with the administrative, management and legal processes of the Somali Republic.

·    As a private business person, provided architectural and engineering consulting services in Somalia and Italy. Designed, supervised, implemented and delivered both public and private construction projects (i.e. houses, offices, theatres, hospital).

·    Founded / directed / developed the “Forum Italia-Somalia per la Pace e la Ricostruzione-FISPR”, one of the most influential non-governmental institutions in Italy focusing on Somali issues. Fully conversant with relief, rehabilitation, recovery and development challenges in Somalia as well as issues of Somali displacement, refugees and immigration.

·    As FISPR chair, advocated for Somalia and Somali nation by organizing several public events on Somalia vis-à-vis Italian Government, Parliament and non-state institutions in the last 20 years.

Languages:    Somali, Arabic, English, Italian.

Professional Experience

2000-2011        Founder / Forum Italia-Somalia
Political / Community advocacy to Somali conflict-resolution and reconciliation processes in Italy

1988-2011        President of Somali Community in Tuscany Region / Italy
Advocacy, legal and community support to Somali workers, refugees in Italy. Facilitated, supported attainment of legal papers for more than Eighty Thousand (80,000) Somali citizens in the Italian and European Union territory. Unified Somali community on issues of reconciliation, relief, development in Somalia.

1991-1996                  Vice-President, Regional Consultative Body for Immigration in
Tuscany Region (Italy).
Italian public institutional mechanism advising regional / national government bodies on issues of immigration and integration of foreigners in Italy. Carried extensive work in favor of refugees majority of whom was / is of Somali / African origin. Promoted policy debates, fundraising activities and service delivery to Somali nationals abroad.

1994-2011           Consulting Architect, Somalia – Italy
Private consulting practice. Designed, supervised, implemented private and public construction projects with both public and private funding

1973-1982           Civil Servant of Somali Republic.
Trainee, employee, managing and administrative director of Somali National Packing Industry (INCAS) under policy direction of the Ministry of Industry of Somali Republic. Trained / employed as accounting officer and later promoted as commercial and administrative director of INCAS activities.


1989-1994    Master in Architecture
University of Florence

1987-1989    Specialization in Town Planning
University of Florence

1982-1987    Bachelor of Architecture
University of Florence

1971-1973           Diploma in Accounting
SIDAM National Institute, Somalia

International Conferences & Events staged as Founder of Forum Italia-Somalia and as President of Somali Community in Italy:

Lobbied top leadership of Italian Government to support the Somali Reconciliation and Institutions.

2011    Participated / led the Somali community from Tuscany to the Conference on Somali Culture opened by Prime Minister of Somalia Hon. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’ at the Faculty of Linguistics of the University of Rome.

2010    Organized / participated work-shop organized by IOM-International Organization for Migration with CESPI, CISP and financed by Italian Development Cooperation- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome, Italy.

2008    Coordinated, attended the Conference on Somali Civil Society in Rome, Italy organized by INTER-SOS and funded by Italian Foreign Ministry on role of Somali civic components in reconciliation and development in Somalia and attended by UN SRSG Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, Hon. Patrizia Sentinelli Under-Secretary of Italian Foreign Ministry and Stefano Manservizi Director General Development European Union.

2006     Attended and lobbied, as Chair of Somali Community in Italy, the Nairobi conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union that saw formal admission of Somali Parliament as full-fledged Member.

Under auspices of Italian Foreign Ministry, facilitated signing of a political agreement amongst leading Somali business representatives aimed at supporting the TFG and intra-Somali reconciliation process in Rome, Italy

2005          Conceived, facilitated conference held in the Italian Parliament with top level political representatives under the theme:  “45th Anniversary of the Somali Republic: Somali Institutions and International Community facing the challenge of peace and reconciliation”. Amongst the main participants to the conference: On. Giorgio Benvenuto, Min. Plenip. Giuseppe Deodato-DG Cooperazione-Min. Esteri, Pref. Alessandro Pansa- DG Immigrazione-Min.Interno, members of Somali community and representatives from embassies of USA, France, Kuwait, Germany and UK. .

Organized, facilitated first formal mission of Governor of Somali Central Bank in twenty years to Italy when Governor Fazio of Central Bank of Italy met with former Somali Governor Dr. Mohamud Mohamed Ulusow.

Organized, facilitated the Italian mission / meetings of Deputy Minister of Health of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Prof. Osman Mohamud Mohamed ‘Dufle’ on consequences of the 2005 Tsunami effects in Somalia, with Minister Plenipotentiary Giuseppe Deodato, Director General Italian Aid Cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hon. Antonio Guidi Deputy Minister of Health of Italian Government, Ambassador Bruno Cabras, Director General for African Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hon Alberto Michelini, Personal representative for Africa of Italian Prime Minister Mr. Berlusconi, Hon. Publio Fiori, Deputy Chair of Italian Parliament, Hon. Gustavo Selva, Chair of Foreign Affair Commission of  Italian Parliament, Hon. Mirko Tremaglia, Minister of Italian Migrant Workers,

2004    Facilitated, with Somali Diaspora and Members of Italian Parliament, conference on Somali issues under the theme: “44th anniversary of the Somali Republic. The Somali Diaspora and local communities in Somalia: new protagonists to exit the tunnel” that saw participation of following senior Italian public officials: Hon.  Gianfranco Fini – Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Mirko Tremaglia, Minister of Italian Migrant Workers,  Hon. Margherita Boniver- Under-Secretary of Italian Foreign Ministry, Mons. Pietro Parolin, Under-Sectretary of the Vatican State, Hon. Publio Fiori, Deputy Chair of Italian Parliament, Prof. Giampaolo Calchi Novati, Avv. Angelo Masetti, Senator Rino Serri

Attended, as a delegate, to the 2004 inception of the cooperation Agreement with the Somali Business Council in Dubai (U.A.E.)

Facilitated, supported first conference held with Italian Parliament and Somali community in Italy on the theme: “1960-2003: 43rd anniversary of the Somali Republic. A new Somalia-Italy partnership for peace and reconstruction” that saw participation of following senior Italian public officials: Hon. Mirko Tremaglia, Minister of Italian Migrant Workers, Hon. Margherita Boniver- Under-Secretary of Italian Foreign Ministry, Hon. Alfredo Mantica, under secretary  of Italian Foreign Ministry, His Excellency Mons. Giorgio Bertin, Bishop of Gibuti and former Bishop of Mogadishu

2000-2009    Widely travelled in Somalia, Africa, and Europe to advocate for Somali communities, issues and reconciliation in the country.

Xafiiska Wararka Midnimo,